Here is the HD60s and HD60 Pro from Elgato, two devices that FINALLY solve my problems for you guys when getting quality bios footage for tutorials and also adds a heap of other features, like overlays that can make your streams look professional, adjustable bit rates up to 60mbps, 30 and 60 fps and also support for people on playstation 4 and xbox one (as well as ps3 and xbox 360), you can also record at the same time as streaming and capture audio from a microphone and other sources all at the same time. The best part too is that it won’t drop your frames rates or introduce any input lag – it basically is a gameplay captor’s dream!
I did have one little problem with the PS4 signal not coming up in the elgato software and that was easily solved by turning of the HDCP setting in the playstation 4 system menu.

*US*: *Elgato HD60s (USB 3 Version):
*Elgato HD60 Pro (PCIe version):

*AUS*: *HD60s:
*HD60 Pro:

*UK* *HD60S:

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