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Ryzen R7 Overclocking Thread

Hey guys I just got done overclocking and making a tutorial for Ryzen, I use Pstate overclocking and the results are really nice.

If you have any questions or what not then be sure to post them here!
Happy New Year's Everyone, here is to an awesome 2017!


  • UngariUngari Posts: 278
    Since Ryzen X overclocks appear to be limited to the XFR boost ceiling of 100Mhz, is there any overclocking benefit to an X370 mainboard over a B350? I mean if the best XFR can do is 4100Mhz which can be reached with adequate cooling on a B350, then are the extra power phases of the X370 really necessary?
    Also, will the extra power phases be necessary to achieve maximum overclocking on the DRAM, or are the B350 boards good enough?
  • gtbtkgtbtk Posts: 1
    There is very little info on pstate overclocking out there and what each pstate controls by default. I understand what pstates are for in a generic sense, just not found much info that is Ryzen specific

    Could you please let us know the following?

    Have you determined what situations the chip at default clocks normally uses the different pstates?

    Does pstate OC keep the chip in "xfr" mode with a higher clock or does it change the chip into Overclock mode and disable all the auto changes as it does when you OC on the multiplier?

    I assume that pstate0 will run the chip at that set frequency in situations like Cinebench or rendering a video. Is it running the setting with the same frequency on all 8 cores or is it boosting only a couple of cores at a time the same way the stock settings do?

    I noted that you set pstate 1 the same as 0. when is pstate 1 doing its thing?

    what pstate is being used in an idle situation such as web browsing?

    Have you tried pstate overclocking on a r7 1700? if so, was it worthwhile or is the all core multiplier method better suited?

  • UngariUngari Posts: 278
    edited March 2017
    I guess part of my question has been answered since I posted:

    I just saw Tiny Tom Logan's review of the MSI Tomahawk and he says that XFR on his 1800X wasn't allowing a stable boost to 4100Mhz whereas he was able to get this on an X370 mainboard using the same chip. I would appreciate if in future mainboard reviews you will test this aspect concerning XFR with both B350 and X370.

    One of the improvements I hope to see from AMD is allowing higher frequencies from XFR as the 4 Core is allowing a 200Mhz XFR Boost rather than the 100Mhz on the 1600X. This seems to indicate that XFR is limited by instruction and not just by thermal readings.

  • BryanBryan Posts: 268
    I'm finding XFR is just a single core boost affair man.... nothing special as in games the speeds are going to the 3.7ghz.... and then also in cinebench for example you get 3.7ghz on all threads, A manual 4.025 ghz for example gets me a 160-165 cb single thread, as opposed to XFR which is saying '4.1' but only hits like 150.  I will look at it more, but XFR just seems to me at the moment like more a marketing thing.
    Happy New Year's Everyone, here is to an awesome 2017!
  • UngariUngari Posts: 278
    I see XFR as an important feature that is still in development.
    The reason it is important is that despite years of overclocking tutorials and benchmarks showing performance gains, the vast majority of gamers and even those involved in production have never overclocked, not do they plan to. AMD is offering these people automatic and safe overclocks provided they install proper cooling, even if it is just single core for the present. I think this could become very popular among non-enthusiasts.
  • JohnnyJohnny Posts: 37
    The B350 doesn't allow such fine control over OC options, at least not for the Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 option to do all the cool pstate stuff I saw in Bryan's vid D:
  • Jumper118Jumper118 Posts: 210
    the latest bios updates for the prime x370 pro improved my cinebnech score from 1772 then 1803 then to 1830 at 4ghz :) 
  • NellyNelsonNellyNelson Posts: 222
    you know what, I've tried overclocking this bloody 1800x and its been nothing but a paint in the BAD WORD. will only do the preset. It wouldnt even do that until the most recent bios
  • And now its all gone back RMA. FML
  • ryan.jauquetryan.jauquet Posts: 1
    Hi there newby here.
    I have just followed your Pstate section for your ryzen overclock tutorial. But when going into cpu-z it is still showing that the cpu is at default for my ryzen 1700. Should It be reading what I entered into the p states?!? Am actually a little confused at what P states are doing.
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