A gtx 780ti for $98

I found a gtx 780ti for $98 off of alieexpress and I am wondering if this "brand" and seller is reputable.



  • exturkconnerexturkconner Posts: 428
    Looks like a cheese knockoff to me. 
    It's flashed to show as a 780ti for those bench marks maybe but it's certainly not. 
    I don't think they even made a 2 gb 780ti oem. So that stat's incorrect off the hop. Then you get the issue where the stats are all too low. And it's showing up as an asus which it clearly isn't. 
    So yeah I'd steer clear.
  • Tech_0neTech_0ne Posts: 319
    edited June 2017
    Yeah i've seen these before with that exact same cooler, flashed bios to show as 780ti. They used to be all over ebay. Fake AF.

    Base clock is wrong  (875mhz was the bog standard)

    Memory config is wrong (3GB was the standard though I think a 6GB edition was available)

    Mem bus width is wrong (384 bit not 128 as the screengrab shows)

    There's no displayport

    Not sure but I don't think 780/ti's had VGA port

    Even the fake sticker says it's a 780 not a 780ti

     Cheese knockoff indeed :P

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  • i feel like the vga output is a dead giveaway.
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