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When, Bryan, cleans PC parts up what is that aerosol product he uses to clean them up. Maybe im dumb i dunno, but i cant seem to find the right string of google terms in order to find that product. I tried searching for answers all over the website, so i apologize if this question has been asked before.


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    He uses break cleaner. Controversially. I mean that stuff is pretty corrosive but he's done it a lot and it seems to be fine. 

    Don't know if I would use it.
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  • thank you for the quick response. i appreciate it.
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    Yeah I'd never use that stuff on my pc parts, I've had it discolour an aluminium motorbike frame before....But it is a great cleaner.

    I use Servisol video 40 tape head and disc drive cleaner, it's quite expensive but it's great....Even when I use that though I don't go mad with it like Bryan does, i use it sparingly.

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