Graphics Card and CD/DVD drive wont work


So I recently installed my new xfx hd 5670 into my PC, and when I did I got no signal. I ruled out the obvious solutions such as faulty monitor/video card, video card and/or ram not seated properly. I think it might be my PSU. I say that because after I installed the new video card, the otherwise unrelated CD/DVD drive stopped working also. My graphics card requires 400w and I'm running a cheap 450w .I chaecked out graphics card video to know which would be the best.I'm not a computer expert, but I do know my fair share please try to make it easy for me to understand.

any sort of feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


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    A few questions, if I may:
     - Did the computer work before the upgrade?
     - How did you rule out the possibility of a faulty video card?
     - Does the computer work again if you remove the video card?
     - Did you uninstall your computers video drivers before installing your new video card? (This sometimes makes a difference)
     - Do you have a different power supply and/or different computer (that meets the video card power requirements) that you can test the new video card with?

    I'm tempted to agree with you that it's the power supply, however answering these questions will give us a better idea of the issue.  A 450watt PSU should have no trouble supporting that HD 5670, but the additional load may have brought to light a long sitting fault in your particular PSU.
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