I finally delidded my 4670K as Bryan did, and it went well...

I was a bit scared when I decided to delid my 4670K, when it went out of warranty, but Bryan's video made me to have a go. It was so easy, and now temps are 15C lower than before, 4.2Ghz 55C 1.1V under load, 4.5Ghz 65C 1.3V. Have not tested higher, but will later. Liquid Pro is in use. Thank You Bryan, now I'm a YES-man too :)
Have U fellow tech-lovers done deliding?
Delid or not?
  1. Did U delid?1 vote
    1. YES
    2. NO
    3. Maby later
    4. No need to, have AMD
    5. No need, have X99!
    6. Too risky, I have >1000$ prosessor and X299 MB...
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