From a HD5750 to a GTX 1050, 1440p performance in older games?

ITT: a very budget 1440p experience

I recently replaced my HD 5750 with a GTX 1050 and ofcourse I have been blown away with the difference in performance. So I was wondering, what older games can I play at max settings at 1440p? I recently started a new Mass Effect campaign, a new Bioshock campaign and a new Sleeping Dogs campaign which the card ran very well, which should be expected since the games are almost 10 years old at this point.

If we're talking specific games, I am wondering how games like Mass Effect 2 which I have played before and games I haven't played before, like Morrowind, Oblivion, FO3 and FO:NV for example would run. Feel free to add more games to this list, but I would prefer Steam games.

The CPU in question is a Athlon II X4 635, which I know isn't the best but I'm just holding out for RX Vega



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    I would think all three of the Mass Effect games would run very well @ 1440p on that card, none are very demanding. I have the 1050 in my laptop and it runs ME3 effortlessly, although that's @1080p.  My old gt555m ran ME2 fine @1080 and the 1050 is many leagues  beyond that.

    1050 in my laptop will run Witcher 3 reasonably well with medium settings (50ish fps) That's with a kaby lake i5 7300hq though, that athalon will probably struggle.

    As for morrowind a potato would run that even @4k. iirc i ran that on integrated graphics back in the day. Oblivion should be fine. Skyrim might run ok as well as long as you don't mod it heavily and maybe tweak the settings.

    If you're into bioware rpg's try KotOR 1 and 2 they will run fine and are on steam so I assume the issues with compatibility with new hardware have been fixed (I had to do so many mods and workarounds in the past to get them running)

    How about games like walking dead/wolf among us/life is strange? I don't think they are too intensive and are pretty good if you like that sort of game (life is strange especially)

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