Server PSUs for crypto mining

Hey everyone,  
I wanted to run an idea by you guys....maybe it would make for an interesting video for Bryan or it could be a nice diy project for people considering mining. I always found it rather weird that the main focus of people discussing mining and cost calculation was about gpus while completely neglecting the psu requirements. Many people seem to gravitate towards  the AX1500i or similarly priced units. And while some people might have that lying around chances are that most will have to buy it just for that project.That is 400 bucks a pop and for a big mining rig you might even need two of them. That is most probably 25% of the rigs budget right there.   
When I got into looking up psus that can drive 10+ cards easily on ebay I found that there are a lot of older power supplies from cisco/dell/ hp servers. They are often 2000-2500W (dps-2500bb), Gold or Platinum rated, pretty much deliver all their power on the 12V rail, and cost anything from 60+ bucks. Granted they are used, but they are also meant to run in datacenters 24/7 for years. Some people out there even make breakout boards for the more popular ones (DPS-1200FB) but you can just as easily solder the power connectors to the unit yourself. This website has an enormous amount of information regarding server psu pinouts.   
Now, you might ask why I am not doing this myself and just present you with the results. I don't have the funds to drop a couple of grand on a mining rig just to BAD WORD around (also it is really high risk because the power cost is insane around here). Why the hell are you looking up stuff you can't even buy then? What always intrigued me about Bryan's videos was the "thinking outside the box with old or OEM hardware" thing. Even if I don't end up buying anything I greatly enjoy looking up ways to do things cheaply with gear that might seem outside of the conventional consumer space - it's kind of like theorycrafting.  
Interesting? Video or diy material? Utter bullshit? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


  • It's not a new or novel idea. A lot of people take old server PSU and rewire them to only have pcie power for the purpose. You can buy mining modded psu's on ebay right now. 
    It is a neat project. 

    And it's right up the alley of someone who likes to take pliers to cases and twist off bits.

    Might get a few views. What with the mining situation being what it is.
  • BryanBryan Posts: 268
    Hey Jeff, that is indeed a really nice idea, people have requested a used mining rig on the channel lol.  However the problem with the older gpus is the hash rate / power consumption ratio, the 1080 and 1080tis running at the moment are certainly kicking BAD WORD, though I guess what is the harm in trying right? I guess that is what people want to know, I would probably just rewire all the wires ghetto style, couldn't imagine me resoldering 30+ wires to the pcb, that would be a nightmare, though using them just for the pcie connections would be pretty easy.
    Happy New Year's Everyone, here is to an awesome 2017!
  • Missed this. I have 2 HP server PSU's running a treat. I power the atx cpu and risers with a standard PSU and all the cards with the server PSU.

    rule of thumb here is dont mix and match or you get some bloody strange errors coming up. When you power like that you dont get any errors or instability. The convereter for them is cheap as chips too opn ebay

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