Haswell-EP turbo bug

Hey everyone, 

I have been thinking about building a transcoding/storage server for a friend so I have been looking around for solutions with a good mix of high frequency and IPC  as well as core count. While the 1950x and some Intel options look promising, they are all quite expensive so I kept digging for some viable options with older hardware. That is how I stumbled upon the haswell-ep turbo bug, that has been discovered earlier this year. For people who don't know what I am talking about here is a link explaining things. In short, it allows one to set the all core turbo to the max turbo (within the tdp limit) on e5-26xx v3 (as well as e5-46xx v3 I think) cpus. As with most bugs your mileage may vary and it's a bit of a lottery. But it might make Haswell-EP builds more interesting since they clock relatively low on all cores otherwise. Has anyone here actually got this working or tried it and do you think it is a viable option to get a lot of cores with decent speeds?  
As far as I know it should also work on dual cpu systems. So TR 1950x might be 0.5-1 GHz or 17-30% ahead of a xeon with the same core count but IPC is similar and a second cpu theoretically would net another 50% increase in highly parallelized  applications - and we are not taking into account the advantage the xeons would have because of more L3 Cache. Currently ebay is a bit of a minefield with confidential and ES/QS chips but from what I gathered 2 x 16 cores might be doable for the price of a 1950x or less. Alternatively, it would be interesting to see how it stacks up against 2x 8 cores which should be way cheaper.  
So, idk, is there a sweet spot where a setup like this might shine or even fill a gap in the performance/dollar efficiency curve?  
Or is this just a ludicrous dream and not at all viable IRL?  

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