Z270 gaming m5 motherboard randomly shutting down

I am having dramas with the pc randomly shutting down. it's a new system with a fresh install of Win10, all drivers and bios have been updated. it just randomly shuts down and tries to restart but for want of a better phrase it ( stutters) all the rgb's just flicker like its not getting enough power.
any ideas !!!!
oh  and the specs are :
Z270 gaming M5 motherboard
i7 770K not over clocked yet
GTX extreme 1080 
corsair H115 i cooler
corsair vengance 16 g  3000mhz
crucial mx300 528g ssd
seagate 4TB hybrid 
corsair RM 1000X power supply
The system has been put together since July and run fine up until about 2 weeks ago
my thoughts are leaning towards the motherboard as i have changed graphics card and power supply and get the same results. All temps are good .

thanks in advance


  • With you already ruling out the psu it's likely either the motherboard or a short somewhere. 
    The only real way to test that would be to pull it out of the case and test again. If it powers on you know something in the case, or something about your cable management was causing a short somewhere. If that doesn't work it's likely a trace on your board burned out. 
  • Have you tried booting without the gpu?
    S[340]Blind:  Link to YouTube video.
    MSI Z97s Krait
    Deepcool Captain 120 White AIO
    16gb RAM
    Asus Strix Gtx 1080

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