GTX 750 Tis and OEM Motherboard Compatibility list

Hey guys buying an OEM PC and slapping in a card like a 1050ti or a 750ti or a 750/1050 is a very popular choice, so now I want to list the motherboards that are problematic and what cards they were problematic with, if we make a nice list, then when people go to buy an OEM, they check the list and see if they need to change certain things around or just give you guys good information in general.

Here is the first problem child in the list!
HP3300 SFF with Cupertino 2 Foxconn (HP Only) Mobo (H61) With Galaxy GTX 750ti - Doesn't work and just gets stuck at VGA Bios bootscreen even with different power supply.
Happy New Year's Everyone, here is to an awesome 2017!
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