I need some help with this Retro Panasonic WV-3400

Hi guys. 

I know it has been awhile but I haven't really been active on the forums that much lately. I want to do some cool things with this retro video camera I picked up. I consider myself very good with film making but when it come to this older stuff I am lost to what I need. Can anyone point me towards what I need and if I could record to pc or externally? 

Once upon a time I purchased a IBUYPOWER PC for 1000$. It didn't meet my expectations. I was doing a lot of research and ventured into a new thing called "overclocking" and how you could get FREE performance. I did more research and I found a overclocking guide from Tech YES City or Bryan as some may know him. It was on overclocking the AMD AM3+ CPU's Like the 8350 & 8320. I had two other tabs open for a tutorial on overclocking the FX chips from JaysTwoCents and Crit TV or "Logan". These guys felt boring and not relatable, however when I saw Brian's suit in the reflection then something odd happened. I don't know what but something clicked. I changed that day, binge watching EVERY single video of Brian I could. Learning about hardware and the tricks of the trade. It felt like I could relate a lot, especially since this period was the most stressful of my life, but Brian's quirky fun roughing used parts got me through EACH day. I would sit on the floor with my IBUYPOWER PC for hours accomplishing nothing but having too much fun moving parts, removing things, changing fan directions, overclocking, looking for things to improve and more, all while I had Brian building PC's in the back round on my TV. I then started along my PC building journeys with a X58 system I put together for $158. That PC would give me over 25 More FPS in ALL of my games and then some. Then my hunger for hardware grew and I branched into collecting and testing all kinds of hardware on my YouTube Channel specifying in graphics cards.

I then found a E-Waste recycling center by mistake where I score hardware at for nothing at all. I returned every week for multiple months always buying something. Then I ended up getting a job there due to my dedication and honesty. All thanks to Bryan and my drive to find deals. And that's ALL! Check the channel if you like

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