X58 Going up in smoke times two

So i dug up my asus rampage 2 extreme x58 motherboard and tested it with a xenon cpu i got from a guy and it worked when i test it first time even posted to windows and i decided to put it in my wife's desk case (z87 g43 gaming I5-4670k) to do some more tests. When i hooked up all her components and discs and powered it i saw smoke from under the asus logo next to the north bridge chip. I powered it off and checked for burn marks but nothing i swaped the xeon for my 950 but nothing. I then got a msi x58 pro from another guy and i checked that it worked with the 950 but when i put it in the desk case and hooked all the components up almost the same thing happened smoke from a chip above the cpu socket. I have never seen anything like this every in all my years and the strange thing is that i put my wife's z87 g43 gaming board back in and it works and all the components work. I was wondering if there is a possibility that the socket backplate touched the case and shorted out something ?   
Specs are 
msi z87 g43 gaming 
i5 4670k 
16gb hyperx 1800
gtx 760 
corsair gx 600
3x 1tb wd 
120gb Samsung ssd
 custom loop


  • double check your motherboard standoffs and PSU connections, you might have a short

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  • i use nylon plastic standoffs so it thats not the issue 
  • So after scrutinizing the motherboard further i noticed that there is a pcb trace at the top of the board that looks like it melted, It was kind of obvious once i actually looked closely at the board instead of the caps lol So im hoping that soldering the trace will fix the issue.  
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    Good luck, that really sucks.
    S[340]Blind:  Link to YouTube video.
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