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The Illusion of Choice..

Greetings, Salutations, all. 
I am currently on holiday at my grandparents house and doing some lovely updates for them at the moment.
Yesterday I built my grandpa a ryzen 3 1300x system with a gtx 1050ti (so I can do some bf1 whilst visiting). My only current device at the moment is my 2014 Macbook Pro I purchased when I started uni and I have not updated since :( on account of buying too many guitar pedals.
This morning after overclocking the ryzen sku to a lovely 4.0ghz (sorta stable.. some crash on Aida 64) they've offered to buy me a new machine for my upcoming birthday.
my problem is... woe.. what to choose....
my thinking has been working towards these 3 builds - for the past year for separate purpose across my house..
this throws a spanner in the works...
please help me TechYesCityforums you're my only hope..


  • leafflatleafflat Posts: 632
    edited November 2017
    First of all I think you need to find your budget. Those builds are over the place.

    The first and second one actually have graphics cards but have a 1200$ difference.
    The second two are completely missing graphics cards. 

    Maybe take some time to research what will fit in your budget before throwing together (IMO) pretty random parts with no end goal.
    S[340]Blind:  Link to YouTube video.
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    Deepcool Captain 120 White AIO
    16gb RAM
    Asus Strix Gtx 1080

  • BryanBryan Posts: 268
    I like the 8600k, if you can get a build with that CPU then you are balling.  GPU of course, the higher the better.
    Happy New Year's Everyone, here is to an awesome 2017!
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