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GA-EX58-UD5 won't post, error 69

Hey guys...I have a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard which will not post nor does it emmit any beep sound from the speaker. Here are my specs

CPU: Xeon X5650
Ram: Samsung ddr3 4gb 1333hz
GPU: Gigabyte HD6570 1gb

I have tried single slot (all slots) of ram as well as dual ram slots (on slot 1-4), still won't post.

Everytime I try to post, the motherboard LED (has a 2 number LED showing post stage codes) will show running different numbers but will stop at 69. Referring to the manual, 69 means turn on L2 cache. I have no idea what that means.

Im not sure if this is a memory related issue or a bios update is needed to support the Xeon CPU (which I have no idea what bios version is running at the moment). 

Would really appreciate all the help I can get guys. Thanks again.


  • You want to use your memory in the white slits. 1,3,5 and in dual slot I believe you want 1,3. From everything I've read about this particular board it has an issue of not booting with one stick of ram alone. Which is weird but it is what it is. 
    If attempting to boot with the ram in those slots still fails the only other suggestion I could make is to try and get your hands on an i7 920 or 930. If it boots with that then you'd know your issue is a bios one. Which is entirely could be. A lot of the x58 boards couldn't recognize the 6 core cpu's from factory.
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