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3960X woes: time to upgrade?

First off, system specs.
I've been running a 3960X(fairly mild 4.4ghz OC) under a deep cool captain 360x, in an Asus Rampage IV Extreme with 32GB(4x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance and a Sapphire Nitro Fury for just over a year.  For a year and a half or so before that I was running an Intel board(DX79SO want to say?), with an E5-1650(with a fairly sedate 4.3ghz overclock). I run a pair of freesync 1080p 75hz ultrawides. Some part of this setup is prone to some small amount of microstutter in some titles, but it holds a stable 60 in *most* current titles, and with freesync most dips are hardly noticeable.

I'm aware the E5-1650 is virtually identical silicon to the 3960X, but I got the motherboard+CPU for a really decent price and so kept both sets together. That 1650 still holds it's overclock and replaced the core platform of a good friend who was suffering under a first gen i5. The main tradeup is better fan control, more USB ports, and actual working front panel USB 3.0(that intel board had a really flaky 3.0 controller)

For the future, I'm looking at a new GPU, and I'm moderately worried the old Sandy Bridge E chip isn't going to hold up under the weight of a 1070ti/1080/Vegawhatever.

For CPU, I require six cores. I could take or leave hyperthreading/SMT, it doesn't help out my(non gaming) usecases. Once you go hex, you can never go back.
For GPU, I just want 1080p ultrawide at a relatively steady 75 fps without much stutter, whilst streaming video and music on the second screen. I'm reasonably sure even the base 1070 would do this, but it's not *that* much of an upgrade from a Fury that it seems worth it.
For RAM, 32GB is not mandatory. I have 32GB because I already had 16 when I went to quad channel it seemed silly not to utilize that capability. DDR3 was, at the time, cheap and cheerful.

Now, on to the actual question:
Should I ditch the Fury, which due to hashrate, is apparently worth more than I paid for it at the moment, and drop in a 1070ti or 1080(would go vega for freesync, but vega is unobtanium around here and has been price jacked on newegg for months) and hold off on a new motherboard/cpu/ram for a few months(4-6, if the budget holds out), or do the inverse, and keep the Fury for a similar amount of time or maybe a bit more, and drop in a DDR4 platform of some sort of at least hex core, and I'm not sure which one, but maybe 8600k, the only i5 I've been excited about since i5s were a thing. Budget after the holidays projected at around $500-600, if I don't overspend on all the holiday things.

Third alternative: Buy $500 in booze, and try not to die of blood/alcohol poisoning.


  • leafflatleafflat Posts: 632
    edited November 2017
    How much is the fury selling for, if you can make a profit or pay for most of the 1070ti or 1080 then that seems like a given regardless if you buy new cpu/motherboard/ram. 

    Plus 600 will only cover cpu and motherboard. DDR4 prices make it hard to upgrade all three of those things for under 1000 with a decent amount of ram.
    S[340]Blind:  Link to YouTube video.
    MSI Z97s Krait
    Deepcool Captain 120 White AIO
    16gb RAM
    Asus Strix Gtx 1080

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