How much is this PC Build worth?

Thinking of upgrading to Ryzen + Vega build, my current build was put together by a mate, as I was literally a Bambi with PC Builds at that time 2014 lol.
Parts list:

AMD FX 9370
Thermatake 120 water 3.0 liquid cooler
ASRock 990fx extreme 4 
16gb 4 X 4gb G skill ripjawsX 1600Mhz DDR3
SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 280x oc 3gb 
Corsair 750M 80+ bronze

It's been hardly used as I couldn't get it to work with the initial 970 mobo wasn't compatible with 9 series FX cpu's
Then the original 600w PSU couldn't cut the power draw.
It's literally only seen a few months of action.


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