Cable Configuration Normal?

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Hey guys!

I recently bit the bullet and decided to get some Cablemod juiciness (couldn't resist their darn 20% off promo), and they reached! I noticed something peculiar about the 6+2 cable though. The configuration of the 6+2 I received doesn't seem to match the configuration of my original cable that came together with my PSU.

I'm running an XFX XTR550, and double checked that that's what I chose for my customised order PSU manufacturer and model.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Is it because what I ordered is just a "single" 6+2 and not a "double" 6+2 which can supply two GPUs power?

Any insight would be most appreciated, thanks! :D

(Left is the one that came with the PSU, right is the one that came from Cablemod)

(Cablemod config)

(Original cable from PSU config)

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