budget x99 build

Got offered a x99 Krait Mobo cheap. thought what the hell. So now my question is whats the best budget bang4£ cpu I can put in this puppy? Xeon maybe? What are your thought crew


  • ddr4 defeats budget
  • I saw boards used going for $100, the board prices imo were never really the problem. The CPU i'd want to get with one of those is the E5-1650v3 for overclocking (or its i7 bretheren if it was cheaper, which it usually isnt). But they are still expensive, and so is DDR4. 

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    5820k maybe? Like has been said above the DDR4 and CPU cost kinda kills the cheapness of the mobos. Maybe soon there will be a flourish of ex server Xeons hitting the market??? Might be worth hanging on to the board and see what happens.

    How about this E5-1650v3?

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    wow checked this out for weeks and nothing. its all built now. E2670
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