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Going from 1150 to the X58 platform

Hey all

I really got inspired after seeing Bryan's Bottonsup build :D And I want to get into the x58 platform 
I Currently have a i5 4440 at 3.3 ghz 8 gigs of ram and a r9 270x 

Here's what I found
Gigabyte EX58 UD3R + X5660 for 140 dollars
The x5660 is already running on 4Ghz stable 

I need some cooling which I can get for 20-30 dollars
I'll sell the i5 for 70 dollars to friend (it could go for more but a friend is a friend :P) 
I plan to use the psu, harddrive, ram, and graphics card from my current setup
So the whole thing would cost me somewhere around 90-100 dollars

Do you guys think that all this would even worth it?
I know that the i5 is newer and holds up in games and computing tasks that I use it for,  but the x58 platform is just way to fucking cool :D
And is that mobo + cpu combo a good deal on it's own? 



  • BryanBryan Posts: 268
    Mobo and CPU is a decent deal, not the best, but fair.  4GHZ stable is always nice too.  I would prefer that over the i5 4440 any day of the week with the overclocks and triple channel memory.
    Happy New Year's Everyone, here is to an awesome 2017!
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