Need help with my CPU temps / watercooled / x58 980X at 4.5GHz

Hi all,

1st post here, but I have subscribed to Bryan on Youtube for a while now.

So over Christmas, I have for the first time watercooled my rig with a whole bunch of gumtree and eBay stuff. Everything was really scary but I have finally got all the tubes and no more leaks. Learnt a tonne.

I do have a problem with my temps now. I noticed my CPU when under stress tests will jump from idle ~35C up to 75C instantly and then eventually climbs and hold at 80C. I checked the thermal paste and it has been spread across the water block and IHS. Starting to wonder if it is my pump being too weak or if there are other things I have overlooked.

Also, my GPU temps do not rise as CPU is being stressed.

My water cooling system consists of:

1x i7 980X (1.45V, 4.5GHz, for bragging rights)
 - cooled with a Swiftech Apogee XL

2x R9 290X
- cooled with an Alphacool GPX block, in series, was told they are very restrictive

1x 280 30mm radiator
1x 240 45mm radiator
1x Swiftech MCP30 pump (lesser than a DDC)
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