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Quesiton about Xeon support on a specific P55 Board

So I've recently managed to find a pretty good local deal on a MSI-MS-7588 P55M-SD40 Motherboard for $30, with an i5-750. My initial plans were to replace the CPU with an X3440/50, but after doing a little research, I don't see any support for it on MSI-P55 boards. Anybody have any idea on whether or not I'll be successful in my endeavor? Will I need to flash a certain bios? Any input would be helpful, thanks. Here's a link to the board:


  • exturkconnerexturkconner Posts: 446
    Should be just fine.
  • Update: For $30, couldn't go wrong, good deal either way. Met up with the guy, super nice. Get home, start clearing the thermal paste off the cpu and notice that it's an i7-875k instead of an i5-750, which I was stoked about. 

    So I'm now debating on whether or not to sell the i7 for a xeon or just stick with it. Anyhow, it was a good day.

  • exturkconnerexturkconner Posts: 446
    Well your current processor is binned for higher clocks and unlocked. The chances of getting a xeon to do any better aren't especially likely at this point. 
  • 1156 is so dated I find it hard to recommend to anyone wether its down to ipc, frequency, ridicolous heat output of 45nm chips vs everything since, poor compatibiity with memory over 1600mhz, lack of usb 3 or usb 3 headers, slow bios posts, lack of uefi for fast booting. All of these issues are fixed on cheap p67 boards with a 2500k and have a decent upgrade path.

    My experience from when I still built gaming rigs with x3460, x3470 and x3480 says you always benefit from the higher multiplier so best to stay away from the lower binned ones.

  • Sold the board for $50 and the cpu for $100, definitely a nice little flip.

    Ended up getting an X79 board for a steal, as well as an i7-3930k, which I'm stoked about. 

  • OMG how much did you get x79 for?
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