ASUS P6T SE could not POST, No Video Output

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I have to confess I screwed up on this one. I tried to update the bios to 0908 version. However, I have forgotten to switch the CPU from XEON X5560 to i7-920. The bios update went smoothly, however, I couldn't get it to POST.

I have tried to do the following:
- Cleared CMOS Clock
- Remove and replace CMOS battery
- Switch GPU to a working one
- Boot with 1 stick of ram
All above does nothing to aid the situation.

I will be doing the following this weekend:
- Boot with CPU speaker for BIOS beep sound
- Boot with minimal items (only CPU and HSF)

Can any kind soul advise what is going on and maybe provide a suggestion to what else I should do?


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    I've bricked a couple of motherboards in this way as well. 
    Your best bet will be contacting Asus and seeing if they have a procedure for fixing it or maybe RMA'ing it. 
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