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GD900 Thermal Paste

heres a quickie for everyone: GD900 thermal paste from aliexpress. I know TechYesCity has covered aliexpress coolers, but he hasnt done thermal pastes from there? have a missed a video somewhere? I saw the one on using other things for paste (tomato sauce, vegemite etc), however GD900 has a Thermal Conductivity of 4.8 watts per meter kelvin, and a lot of the russian youtube channels do show it 1 degree worse than arctic coolers MX-4.

At AUD$6.50 for 30grams of thermal paste.. and only being 1 degree or so worse than MX-4. Sounds too good to be true.. so, is it? I brought a 30 gram syringe because.. well, I ran out. TechYesCity, your down the gold coast? I'm in browns plains(Logan), so your not far... do you mind testing this out, cause I'm dying to know if this was a good purchase. I dont mind dropping it down to the studio.
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