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wireless pc to 2 diffent 4k HDTV. Is it possible

OK. I put together a x99 build initially to do some streaming, but I then thought it would be great to get my wife to play some games with me (not fps), and be able to do some surfing and desktop stuff. She does use a laptop all the time in the bedroom where one of the 4k TV's are, other in the living room. Again. shes sitting there struggling to see the damn screen on the laptop and there is a 4k 50" 3 meters away.
So the simple answer is throw the laptop image onto the TV. Yep, we tried that, this idea wasnt ever going to get past the 3rd attempt, not reliable and cant be assed to keep setting it up. It needs to be on 24/7

So I was thinking. WiFi keyboard/mouse/pc connected to both TV's all the time at the same time.

Your thoughts

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