My Ryzen build randomly restarts

MarkRecaboMarkRecabo Posts: 1
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Hi guys,

Hope you can help me but my pc randomly starts after using it for hours.

PC Specs:

CPU - Ryzen 3 1200 (Oced 3.8)
CPU cooler - Wraith cooler
Mobo - Gigabyte AB350-HD3
Vcard - MSI GTX 1060 3gb
RAM - Single stick 8gb Avexir core.
PSU - Thermaltake SE 530 watts.



  • exturkconnerexturkconner Posts: 432
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    PSU might be failing. Usually random restarts are power delivery issues. So it's either the psu or it's the motherboard. Either way you could try dialing back the overclock to see if that helps the issue in the mean time. If you have another psu or know someone with one that would be what I'd test first. If you have a known reliable psu and it still does it I'd say your motherboard was damaged from current at some point.
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