Gigabyte b75 infinite boot loop (before bios)

Hi everyone, I'm new here, nice to meet you. 
Let's go straight to the point, I bought a gigabyte b75 hd3 mb from ebay for 15€ shipped, it was listed as untested, I took the risk.
As expected it has some problems, it just tries to boot and shouts down in a infinite loop, the other components works fine on my old mb (xeon e3-1245, 8gb ddr3 and Enermax 82+).
I spent my afternoon looking for any solution, I tried:
-cos reset
-inserit 1 stick of ram at time (both slots)

Then I thought it may be a broken bios so:
-force boot from second bios (Lucy the board has 2 bios)  with different methods.
-shorting main bios pin to force the mb to use the second bios

None of these things worked,


  • Probably it's me but I can't see part of the text... Here it is

    None of these things worked,
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