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I wanna upgrade my brothers PC.

Okay so I wanna upgrade my brothers PC with a new "used" platform. My brother is currently rocking a Phenom II x4 970 clocked @3.9GHz on a Gigabyte motherboard. For graphics he got a 7970 which I will still keep cause it feels like the cpu is holding it back. What would be the cheapest but still a solid upgrade? Would the 1156 platform be a good choice or do I need to go a little bit further with a 1155 setup?

Thanks in advance.


  • 1156 looks great on paper vs a x4 970 and will be faster checking out bit-tech the i5-760 is comparable at stock speeds and i7 cpus would be even better or xeons like the x3470.

    My advice is to skip 1156 for 1155 unless you get a really good deal on the board as there was a massive leap in performance at a given frquency going into second gen i5s and the newer 32nm manufacturing means the cpus will run upto 5ghz with less heat than the equivalent 45nm cpu at 4ghz. The 2500k should be a massive upgrade for you and are very reasonable to buy even the p67 boards are cheap off aliexpress.

    Please note its important to install all the chipset and storage drivers in windows 10 manually or windows fast booting wont enable itself.
  • i would personally go for Coffee lake or Ryzen but if you have a low budget, try for Ivy/Sandy bridge i5/i7. 
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