RC415ST-HM motherboard compatibility with xeons

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Hello. someone gave me an old pc with an RC415ST-HM motherboard and an single core 3.46ghz Celeron. Can I put a xeon in this pc ? What's the best cpu I can buy? I just want to play little games and overwatch at lower settings with at least 40fps.


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    Looks pretty limited. HP lists two different boards, with one limited to Celeron and Pentium D (under Processor Upgrade Information)  - and another that also allows upgrades to a Core 2 Duo (but with the E4400 as the upper limit) -

    You're also limited to a maximum of 2GB of RAM, which isn't even really enough to run a modern OS, let alone video games on top of that. I can't find anything on the ECS website, despite the fact that they're the OEM, so I assume the information from HP is all you're going to get.
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    Thank you. It's 2*2gb (I tried with 3gb and it works). Can't I put a xeon on this motherboard? I saw an overwatch benchmark with 4gb of ram but I think it's ddr3 and a Pentium g4400 and an r7 240 with 30 min fps and 40 average fps. I don't need more fps.
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    I think the Pentium D 950 (dual core 3.4ghz) is better than the E4400. I just need to know the best cpu I can buy (xeon?) because I want to keep this pc for internet if it can't run any games.
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