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Last year my son and I built a Ryzen 5-1400 machine with Nvidia 1050Ti, 8GB RAM all new, Corsair case RBG etc.......

Then I found Tech YES City and decided to upgrade my hold HP machine. I kept the i5-750 CPU, added new case and power then found cheap GTX770 graphics card and 16GB RAM on Gumtree. Loads of fun, thanks Brian. Under some benchmark conditions it even beats the new Ryzen machine.

Now I am trying to work out what to do next, for my wife who wants to play Spellforce 3. She has a Toshiba all in one but because they are basically laptops the lack of  a true GPU means the game will not play well.

Searching what is available I have found 2 options:-

Used: ASUS P8P67 PRO, Corei5-3770, G.Skill 16GB DDR3, Galax GTX970/4GB = $775.00 hunting around

New: ASUS Prime B350-Plus, Ryzen 5-1400, G.Skill 16GB DDR 4, Galax GTX970/4GB = $928.00 all new apart from GPU

I figure that the GPU can be upgraded when the prices become realistic. Looking at various benchmarking programmes there does not appear to be a lot between the 2, I just wonder if paying the ~ $200 extra now will be a big benefit in the future.....

For me the used option is interesting because it is like when I used to upgrade cars as a teenager, new has warranties etc....

Your constructive thoughts would be appreciated.




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