my 2018 build - Hopping on the x58 Train CHOO CHOO :D

So for the past few years my PC has been 
mobo - intel DH61AG, thin itx
CPU - Xeon e3-1260L
GPU - HD 7850 1GB
RAM - 2GB+4GB ram pulled from old laptops
powered by a Dell laptop charger for the mobo, an Xbox 360 Brick powering a x4 riser and GPU put together in a cardboard box.

So this year i started buying parts to put together a better system, The only way its a new system is that it is new to me. 
initially i was just going to upgrade my graphics card as the 7850 was starting to show its age, but with that whole gpu shortage thing i wasn't going paying more for a new one so i found a R9 290 on CeX and then i just started buying more and more parts.

Specs as of now:
Motherboard - ASUS P6T WS Professional - 150 EUR
CPU - X5550 - 4 EUR 
GPU - ASUS Direct CU II R9 290 - 180 EUR
RAM - 3x 2GB 1333Mhz ECC - FREE
Case - CM Masterbox lite 5 RGB - 70 EUR
Cooler - Raijintek Aidos - FREE
So, so far its cost me 404 EUR which Sure i could have saved some more and bought a new, built with current parts PC, BUT WHERES THE FUN IN THAT. A bonus is that this system also acts as a heater!

the X5550 is simply a place holder as i wanted the PC built now and i don't have the 40~EUR for a X5600 series at the moment.
Pulled 4 sticks of that RAM from a dead server, the cooler was taken from my brothers old build and the XFX PSU has been through about 5 systems at this stage, has cables cut off it and all, It has this weird problem where it works 100% fine until you plug it out of the mains at which point it may turn back on when its plugged back in or it might not turn back on for an hour, a day, a week, etc.

The X5550 is currently Overclocked to 3.5Ghz(22x160BCLK)@1.13175v., cant Really push anymore on this cooler in this case which is a shame, from what I've seen in reviews despite it only being a 92mm it performs on par with a Hyper 212. 
Idle temps are at 40C with the glass side panel off and go up 5-8 with it on. With this OC temps Max out at 71/79 with the side panel off/on. If this has thought me anything its to never buy a case with tempered glass just because it looks cool.

Anyway in a few weeks ill hopefully be getting a X56-50/70 and a CM ML240 Cooler.

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