R9 series (possible) fixes

I used to have an R9 290 I got used for a great price. Tried to use it, and it kept black screening. I read the same thing about a lot of other 290's and feared the worst. However i had a aio liquid witha the kraken g10 lying around from attempting to fix a dead 7950. I stuck on, and sure enough it cured the system. That was 3 years ago, and I gave it to my brother. He still maxes out all games, with no issues. Might fix a broken R9 280 is what Im thinking.


  • Sorry meant liquid cooler. The h55 silent cooler to be exact.
  • Had r9 280x what my co worker gave me and it literally let the smoke out from memoty power lane. No oc any kind. Fan profile was set that from 50c fans went to 100. Ambient was at 21 even inside case. Was fast unplug when pc suddenly went powerless and smoke started to smell. Now with same pc and 7970 everything works fine. 
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