Anyone need a 1050ti?

Hi all  :)

I am going to start this with a quick disclaimer of sorts  :p

If you can afford this card, already have a decent GPU, want to flip this for a profit please turn away now. Please give the give the people in a less fortunate situation a chance  :)

If you are a young guy / girl without a whole lotta cash or am someone struggling in building a PC in the current climate then please read on  :)

I know there is no way to enforce this whatsoever so please just keep in mind that Kama is a thing  :p

Lastly, Bryan mate, love your stuff and if you want this and can add to a system give away for someone in the above situation, it’s yours  :p

Anyways I have a spare gigabite 1050ti here if anyone needs one =) I don’t want anything for it but if you can pay postage for it that would be sweet (I’m based in Aus)  :)

Pretty much I bought this card 12ish months ago as a temporary use GPU so I could still game while building my new PC. I used it for probably 2-3 months before upgrading to a 1080. Since then the GPU market has gotten pretty well out of hand and I want to pay this on to someone who would enjoy it rather than leaving it sitting unused in a draw.

If you want it please leave a comment below. I’ll check back in a couple of weeks to put any entrants into a random number generator to select a winner  :)

Good luck  =)


  • Sir_iceeiceSir_iceeice Posts: 167

    Add another reason why PC player are great. (Don't put me into the give-a-way)
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  • FunPosterFunPoster Posts: 22
    Love these SFF cards. Perfect for putting into an Optiplex or something of the sort.
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  • Count me in, if its alright. My personal stuff is all well and good, but i like to build and give away budget gaming rigs to friends and family interested in that stuff. Even did a giveaway for our youtube channel and that rig had a GTX 1060 3gb on an x58 w3680 system back in December (and shipped it in January). During that same month, i gathered parts for my brother in-law and taught him how to build a PC with those parts for his first gaming PC (x58 x5650 system with a 7970 ghz edition). And this coming weekend, i actually just finished building a system for a my cousin repurposing an old HP Z400 workstation into a Raidmax Gama case, using a GTX 960 4gb card. Cant wait to see the look on his face when i give that to him soon. I like finding good homes for PC parts. 

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  • ikram.khanikram.khan Posts: 7
    just curious, have you given it away yet? :p
  • I'd take it. Trying to build my first pc.
  • MatthewKoppmannMatthewKoppmann Posts: 11
    edited April 15
    Who won?
  • RobinYiRobinYi Posts: 2
    I would love one!!!
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