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WiFi Problems

Ok so I have a problem. I need to move my PC but to do so I had to unscrew the antennas for the Wi-Fi. When I put them back on and powered up my PC it wasn't able to find a signal. I swapped the antenna around thinking they might be in the wrong spot but nope still no signal. All the drivers are up to date and everything so what do you think is wrong. I'm thinking the wireless card may have died or something and I really need this issue fixed ASAP.


  • Someone please help
  • exturkconnerexturkconner Posts: 446
    You can try taking the card out and seating it back in to see if it solves the issues. It might have just moved a bit in the slot.
  • JakeJake Posts: 6
    Could this just be a case of "Managing Known Networks" and choosing your wifi SSID "forgetting" it, and then trying to find it again?  You will have to put in your wifi credentials again and everything, but maybe it's more of a Windows thing and not a hardware thing.
  • JakeJake Posts: 6
    Also, could you be in a blind spot?  If your phone sees your wifi, and then loses its signal near where you put your computer I would say that you put it in a spot where it's not going to get signal.

    ...just some food for thought!
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