i found an h61 lga 1155 motherboard for cheap

Hi all, im new here .
i found a cheap gigabyte h61m mothet board in the uae for almost 19$ .
i would be pairing it with an e3-1230/i7 2600 from aliexpress since second hand processors are impossible to find here 
and for the gpu im considring a gtx 770 or gtx 960  or equivelant in amd
i might get this for a friend who is low on budget and wants to play Pubg and League of legend
would this be a good starter pc and will it handle the games 


  • GTX 960 fine. I’d say the e3-1230 is really overpriced on AliExpress unless you’re using the fact it’s a Xeon to offset ddr3 prices with cheap ecc memory.
    I’d be getting the i5 2500 or e3-1220 as you still get most the grunt for half the price, there will be a negligible difference in games with GTX 960 performance so hard to recommend the 2600. 
    Id be using the difference to get a cheap ssd off AliExpress and for that you should be able to get a 256gb kingspec
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    I wouldn't be so sure on an e3-1230 as Jack said. The cheapest on aliexpress is $130AU and I've seen i7 2600s selling for $100-120 on ebay, gumtree etc. For instance:

    I'd be wondering if the Xeon is necessary depending on what you can find with various online retailers.
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