Mad z87 motherboard

Dear community I need help with second hand motherboard which I found at friend's house.
When I try to use it with my own 4690k it acts wierd.
1st - even on stock 1.008V it goes about 50C in bios and in stress test it raises to about 80 on 1st and 2nd core.
2nd - SYS_FAN3 when any fan is plugged in, makes strange loud coil whine. Cant identify where it comes from.
If i try to overclock like on my z97 board, 4.4 1.260, my 1st core raises to 100, 2nd about 80 and other 2 about 60 (which is fine)
Other than that it is working totally fine - what can be the reason?

PS: Sorry for my poor english)
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