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X58 and ECC memory

Im interested in buying Registered ECC memory cause its rly cheap my motherboard is GA-X58-USB3 and i have Xeon x5670 so im asking has someone actualy tried ECC memory with this mobo and stuff and also can ecc memory work with regural one like in dual channel sinse i have 2GB of ddr3 Non-ecc?


  • Tech_0neTech_0ne Posts: 319
    It's a bit of a minefield TBH, I have some ECC that works on a ASUS p6t mobo but wont work on the MSI x58  pro-e. You can get 12GB of regular DDR3 fairly cheap in 2GB modules. No, ECC and regular wont work together.

    There's a thread here that discusses it a bit, not sure if it will help: https://techcity.tv/forum/discussion/comment/4489/#Comment_4489

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  • exturkconnerexturkconner Posts: 446
    The issues you get into are numerous with memory. Not all kits work with all boards. And ECC isn't just ECC there is ecc registered and ecc unbuffered. Most boards can do registered. Some board required unbuffered. Some can do both. But yeah your best bet is to find a forum post on your motherboard and ecc ram and see what people have had success with and try and find that. There are no 100% guarantees but that is the best way to limit your chance of issue as much as possible.
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