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Threads not running at the same clock speed as the cores

StevenTurnerStevenTurner Posts: 3
edited May 2018 in Hardware Specific
I have a AMD 880k running at 43ghz but I have noticed when I do a test the threads do not run at the same speed as the cores. I have set the windows power to high power but nothing I do can get the threads to run at 43ghz  and seem to be running round about 170ghz.  If I had any hair I would of pulled it out by now


  • I found out that is I overclock the cpu using Overdrive  all the multipliers are unlocked and all the  cores suddenly burst into life but overclocking using just the BIOS the multipliers on cores 3 and 4 are locked on X17. Yes I have updated the bios and all the drivers and set the power in windows to high
  • well it looks like I solved it I took the bios battery out so setting the bios back to origional then did a bios up date now I am not sure why doing this worked as I had already done an update maybe it was resetting the bios back to factory settings?? I dont know
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