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Firstly like to say, Bryan I am now subbed to your YouTube channel as your uploads are awesome,,,keep up the good work.

I am hopping that someone can point me in the right direction with advise.

My old rig that I built approx 8 years ago is playing up and as I have seen resent uploads there maybe be a good and cheap way to upgrade the CPU etc on my X58 MB, specs as listed :

Asus P6T deluxe V2
Intel 920 DO @ 4gb,,,,,now and then as crashes even on default settings
12GB Gskill DD3 @ 1600mhrz
PSU Thermaltake Toughpower 1200watt

I don't really want to bin this rig as I think it can be made good and keep up with modern gaming etc.

Please can someone recommend a swap out CPU,,,,I was thinking X5675 or X3690 ?? also would I need to do a bios update or is the board compatible with the above Xeon's.

Hopefully if compatible I would look forward to some overclocking and would be cooled with a purchase of a Corsair Hydro H100X 

Would it be worthwhile changing the thermal paste on the south-bridge etc to freshen it up, if so what would be a good replacement paste.

I look forward to anyone's reply and would be greatly received.

Many Thanks,

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