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X58 or lga 775/1156

I have a PC that i got 7 years ago.It has a lga 775 Asus motherboard that can be modded to lga 771 (don't know exactly what model it is because it's at my second house). The question is: I found a Xeon E5450 (pretty much same as a C2Q Q9650) and a Masscool cooler (almost the same to the TX3 evo) for arround $40, and a AsRock X58 Deluxe motherboard with the i7 920 (like the Pentium g4560) for $80 (kinda to good to be true in my opinion) and for both they say that they are in 100% working condition. If im going with the lga 775 I'll buy a HD 7950, and if im going with the i7 then I'll get a 1060. I don't want to spend too much money on a PC mainly because I dont want to blow out all of my saveing on a pc and will be playing games for 4 years max. Maybe I can go with the lga 775 and then sell the pc with a bit of profit and then go with the X58 project. The overclocked Xeon will just barely not bottleneck the GPU, and dont know if it will last for 4 years and will it be able to run games on medium settings throughout the years (can run most of the titles on High-Ultra rn), but the I7 wont bottleneck the 1060 and I dont have worry about the settings and stuff, it can be upgraded with a better procesor so adds future proofnes, but it will be a lot more expensive, probably 200+$ more. Maybe I can go with the lga 1156 socket and buy the cheap X3440 Xeon (a tap stronger than the g4560) and go with that for pretty cheap. Would like someones opinion on this one. Thanks :D


  • exturkconnerexturkconner Posts: 446
    edited April 2018
    I'd buy both. They are both cheap enough to flip and make a profit. Are they from the same person or two unrelated deals? If they are from the same person I'd suggest offering slightly less to take everything. I'd keep the x58 system between the two an overclocked 6 core xeon holds up really well compared to current generation mid tier cpu's. Nothing is going to be "future" proof and both of these platforms only have a very finite growth space. But the x58 is more currently viable and more likely to continue to perform at a level you will be happy with for a few more years.
  • ckai93ckai93 Posts: 6
    I had a Asus 775 Mobo as well, it was the P5G41T-M LX. Ordered a X5460 from China for bout $25 shipped. Used it for a couple of months and flipped it lol. Back to using my laptop.

    If you already have the 775 Mobo, complete the build and flip it. Also, I'll totally take the x58 combo for $80. Any branded x58 costs around $110 in my country. 

    If you have the budget I think it's viable to do both builds. Just keep the one you like better. 
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