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X58 & 4 core XEON's. Bryan you awesome guy.

M300CM300C Posts: 2
edited May 2018 in Hardware Specific
As a big fan of Bryan's work i am here to help people with the experience i have had when following a build this excellent guy did.

This would entail his 385 dollar X58 Overwatch PC build.
Video linked below.

Originally i bought the E5640 (15 UK)
P6X58D-E board (98 UK)
Reference GTX 670 2GB (45 UK)

I re-used hardware i had from my Phenom II build.

Now as time has gone on, i have upgraded to a better GPU, an R9 Fury, i will say it now this performance of GPU is the X58's upper limit, it will not push anything better @ 1080P or lower.
I run a 1680x1050 120hz panel.

You will need a 2560x1440 or higher resolution to make use of a GTX 1080 or higher configuration.

I bought it all for CSGO mainly, the IPC improvement over Deneb is quite extreme, at 4.15GHZ the Phenom II was 47% slower vs the XEON at 4.1ghz in CSGO, the XEON was only sporting 1299mhz RAM and the Phenom II had RAM oc'd to 1708mhz. BF4 ran at a whopping 60% faster, i'm sure HT helped it.

This is my max OC on the E5640 with stability (later changed the cooler)

Video's of my XEON with R9 Fury, it's awesome and i have had an epic 2 years with it.

Crysis 2 with V-sync on (120hz)

Thank you Bryan! :)


  • M300CM300C Posts: 2
    edited May 2018
    With some tweaking guys the E5640 can surpass what you first thought was a high OC, this is the maximum my chip can do 24/7, it is 200mv above the intel recommended max CPU voltage, but it is a C state OC, which means volts & clock speed drop when the CPU does not need to be running at those settings 24/7.

    Which also destroys the argument people mention that you must disable C states.

    I will keeping it at 4500mhz for now on, i tried 4.636ghz at which point i was destroying Ryzen 1700X, 1700 & 1600X in single thread with CPU-Z hitting a whopping 400 points single thread & a decent 2111 point multi thread.

    The 4.636ghz was unstable and i am not willing to risk pushing voltage higher than 1.42v, the BSOD code was IRQ not equal or less which is not enough Vcore.

    At 4.2-4.5ghz it is safe to say these chips at least for single thread and gaming are equal enough to AMD's Ryzen CPU's, but do not come close to the newer 2000 series, the 2700X puts out 480 single thread in CPU-Z which is awesome!

    Image of my chip at fully stable 4500mhz.

    CB run.

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