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Reviving Project Oversoul; Needing advice.

I have recently acquired a bit of a rare find: An DFI LanParty DK P45-T2RS for around.....$79.65 USD ($66 for the mobo itself and $13.65 for the express shipping). It came with all the original accessories and the backplate, and the mobo looks like new. I paired it with a Core2 Quad Q9450, and with a stock heatsink. I need help potentially finding a better CPU and cooling solution, and finding a more up to date BIOS so I can fully use the Q9450 or suggested CPU. I currently have two choices for the GPU: A GTX 750Ti and a GTX 1070. Yes this hardware is old, but I want to be able to have a backup solution in the case that my main rig has a critical failure and I have no money saved up to rebuild it. Any help is appreciated and I thank y'all for coming around to my post! Do not mind the silly name of the thread; It has been lingering in my mind for a while. 


  • exturkconnerexturkconner Posts: 446
    edited June 17
    There's a fella on who posted up a whole bunch of old bio's on one database.
    It's supposed to have the bios for that board. 
    As far as the best cpu for the socket that's debatable. If you are going to overclock and if you are willing to do the mod for xeons than an e5472 would be what I would suggest.
    If you are not going to do much overclocking and are not willing to mod than you would be looking at a few minor upgrades. q9650 would bring you up to 3.0. qx 9770 or 9775 3.2 not sure the difference between the two didn't care enough to do much research but the qx cpu's even now are expensive and frankly you can't justify the purchase. 
    As the graphics card goes 1070 is probably a bit overkill on what this system could manage. The 750 ti would be more in line. So I'd probably use that. Now I mean if you were in a situation where the main rig did die I'd probably toss the best card into it you had at the time. Even if it's bottlenecked it's not at if that hurts the card any and you want the best you can get out of what you are currently running and all. 
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