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P55/H55 High Density Memory [Xeon x3440 / i3 550 ] Problem

i have a problem with H55 chipset. No matter where i look ,i see information that P55/H55 motherboard (i personally have Asus P7H55-M) work only with Low Density Memory ( for example 4 gb DDR3, where both sides of ram have memory sticks), but dont work with High density memory.

Proof <span>:-1:</span>

In my case, when i use more than one stick with 4GB RAM, computer have boot loop, and i couldn't do anythink with that.
Also when i use 8GB sticks of memory, computer have boot loop.

My sticks

Is anyone have similar problem to me? Is there a possibility to have single-rank/high density memory on p55/h55 chipset?

Right now i use i3-550, but i order on aliexpress x3440. 
Theoritically memory controller is on processor, but Asus P7H55-M works only with 16 gb ram, low density memory. Changing processor will change anythink?
Is your Xeon X3440 work with High Density Memory? (8GB per stick, or 4GB one sided memory)
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    1. No
    2. WTF man?


  • dirtboydirtboy Posts: 175
    edited June 29
    i will find out for you dude!
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  • a_weak_geeka_weak_geek Posts: 22
    edited June 30
    Ok, so I saw your post and got rather curious.  I do a lot (I mean a LOT) of builds with the H55 chipset and the X3440.  My favorite motherboards to use in these builds are the MSI H55M-E33 and the ASUS P7H55-M (They're both decent boards that I've been able to consistently get for cheap).  I also Happened to have one of each on hand, so I put your question to the test.

    I used 3 different RAM cards, one 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Low-Density card (Crucial), one 4GB DDR3 1600MHz High-Density card (Samsung), and one 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Low-Density card (Kingston).  I used an X3440 for all my tests.  And, honestly, I wasn't really surprised with what I found.  Both boards worked with all the cards I tested.

    As I mentioned, I do a lot of builds with this chipset (H55) and have never really discriminated between high or low density RAM and have never encountered any issues with them (minus the occasional bad RAM card or motherboard).  I also work full time in computer repair and in all the LGA 1156 systems I've worked on (both pre-built and custom builds) I've never paid any attention to RAM density.

    Now, I noticed in the Tom's Hardware post you linked that the troublesome system was a P55 board, so a different chipset than what I typically use.  That may be significant, but than again, it may not be.

    So, if I may make a troubleshooting recommendation for your situation, you may wish to try updating your motherboard BIOS to the latest possible version.  That may help with your RAM issues.  If that doesn't help, then i would suggest taking the dive and upgrading to an X3440 (it's a darn cheap processor and a definite improvement over your current i3, so worth it).  Finally, if the X3440 don't help, then I would just suggest getting a new motherboard.  Reason being, even if it is the RAM compatibility that is the trouble with your current motherboard, then either of the two motherboards I mentioned above will likely be cheaper than getting all new RAM at the current RAM prices.

    This for example:

    I hope this helps you sort out your issue.

    PS:  The "Yes" option isn't available in your poll  ;)

  • dirtboydirtboy Posts: 175
    edited July 6
    Bryan will be doing a overclocking tutorial (coming soon) on these boards h55/p55 hopefully he will mention the answers you need in the video.
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  • ItxLeoItxLeo Posts: 2
    The i3 550 is famous for his problems with ram compatibility. I had a lot of problem testing mobo with him too, since sometimes doesn't boot because of the ram. Once you switch to the X3430 or X3440, I'm SURE you can put 8GB banks since I've done it in the past.
  • I have a similar issue. 
    Xeon X3430,
    MSI H55-S01,
    Samsung 8 Gb DDR3,
    Zotac GTX 950 .

    Now, my understanding is that most, if not all 1156 boards unofficially support the Xeon series and as a matter of fact, I got an x3440 working just fine with an MSIH55-e21 albeit with a 4 gig stick. So I was quite surprised when the build mentioned above ran into some problems.
    When I press the power button, there's no video output on monitor. Fans spin and everything seems to be running, just no video output. I have tried to troubleshoot everything and with the help of another machine, I have confirmed that everything, i.e. the GPU, RAM and HDD work just fine. The monitor's ports and cables work just fine as well.
    I then replaced the motherboard, but still ran into the same problem. Later, at a repair shop, I was told that the issue was cause by an incompatibility in Memory, CPU and Motherboard. I, however, can't seem to find anything online to support that claim.
    I proceeded to get an i3 530 and a 4 gig stick of RAM and the pc boots but windows and even Linux will fail to install and just restarts, over and over.
    So then is it just a BIOS thing? Is my CPU bad? Does The Xeon 3430 not work with 8 gig non-ecc memory? Please, help!

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