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The Doggy External Graphic Card Adaptor Experimental

Ok Guys, i have few questions below in regards to the topic above:
1. my laptop Dell N5110 specs: i7 2670QM, 12GB RAM, Graphic Cards: GTX 525m + Intel Integrated HD, HDD 500GB 5400RPM Hard Drive
2. I am hoping by using a GTX 980 Ti piggy back on to this laptop will achieve a average 60+FPS on PUBG with a average setting.

Please comments below see if this will work, otherwise i have to build a new PC.


  • I think 60fps might be doable on lower presets. That CPU supports 2nd gen PCI-E so at x1 it'll at least have more bandwidth than 1st gen core-i series. It'll definitely be better than the 525m.

    Rig Specs:
    Codename Red-Beast
    //Xeon E5-1650v2 @ 4.5ghz//EVGA GTX 980ti SC+//16gb G.Skill ARES DDR3 1600//OCZ ModXstream Pro 700w PSU//Asus P9X79e-WS Mobo//Asus vg248qe 144hz 24" 1080p monitor//Deepcool Captain 240EX AIO on CPU//Corsair H55 + Kraken G10 on GPU//Deepcool Dukase v2 mid-tower case//

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