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  • I think he just wants MAC OS for developing. I setup the both PCs but the motherboard for the x3460 isn't too good of an OCer. I could only get that chip to 3 Ghz on all cores, so instead I let it turbo to 3.4Ghz. Oddly after a week of use, my broth…
  • Arkansas, United States
  • This is probably obvious but when you set bclk you must restart back to BIOS to see the change. Also in windows OS, the CPU-Z or w/e you use might show 133 if you have some funky turbo settings. If all turbo is off and the BCLK online shows a change…
  • Oh tech_one , that is the h55 x3460 pictured. I didn't realize, but it makes sense a serve cpu had no apu. Yes it's socket 939 box !  As far as RAM my board supports 1600 c9 so that's what I'm going to run. I installed the x5650 and ran the 690 for …
  • So if you end up finding a bios that's going to make OCing happen, then we can now buy new chinese x58 boards to run 1366 xeons ... no pressure !
  • I wish I could remember the name of the ati card I bought when WoW launched, it was almost bottom of the line like retail 70 us. The worst gfx card I remember owning is still in my possession ... Behold !  BFG's edition of 9500 gte 
  • I had enough time today to make sure the parts I got in were in working order. That includes my Intel hacintosh board and cpu.  The VGA port wouldn't display, so I slapped my really old hd 6850 gfx card on it to verify the board would post and the …
  • @Tech_0ne , I'm really glad to read your response. I'm hoping this gtx690 won't be too much issue in this hacintosh build I have planned. If I don't like it, I'll flip it. Also I rewatched Bryan's video on overclocking these x56XX chips and I'm lean…
  • I grabbed a PSU for my above discussed PC. I've decided this is going to be the intel setup I'm gifting to my brother for a Hacintosh build, so long as it works for MAC OS. On other notes I've done it again... going to put an X5650 in this one for …
  • Well this seems odd ... I almost bought that board, too. What is hardware prefetcher ? Have you tried reflashing the bios or clearing the CMOS? Also, just curious, what made you go with the W5580 over the X5650 when they run about the same price. I …
  • A very cool list of very good cards ! I've been using benchmarks website when shopping around... now I have a more cut down list thanks to you all. Firestrike scores are just benchmark rating under factory clocks yes?
  • Help people ! I'm stuck in 2012 ! I bought a gtx 690 b/c of it's price and didn't even realize I couldn't use all 4GB in games before pulling the trigger! I'll inspect, tweak and benchmark to compare, if it's not close to same as 380x I'll flip it. …
  • Well I tried my hand at OC'ing this 8320 today and got to 4.5 o.O . I just had to stop listening to Bryan's poor explanation video he did years back ! Sorry Bryan but you were overvolting that core like a nobody's business. 4.4 stable at 1.35v for m…
  • I run the 8320 at 4.0 just like the stock 8350. I didn't get good silicon lottery though as I've tried and can't stay stable above 4.3 and really my issue atm is CPU bottlenecking from monitoring as I increase graphics settings.