Today I take a look at the Mayflower Electronics ARC , which is a DAC / AMP combo (and ADC since it does have a mic in port that is very clean too!) , which will replace my O2 Amp & Schiit modi stack, and although a bit on the expensive side, it does offer a superior listening experience, one that almost all headphones users should consider if they are using headphones 24/7 (reasons for I detail in the video).

We look at the headphones I use, and why I use them and also why I am a big fan of mid-fi cans.

And lastly I detail what Mics I use, both lavilier (HNMSound Microlav) & Condenser. Links: Mayflower Electronics ARC – Crossfade LP2 (LP1s are no longer for sale :() – Corsair Void PRO RGB Katana X SoundBar – Fidelio L1 (Very overpriced now…) – HNMSound MicroLav –… V67G MXL Condenser- HD 595 (Now 598s) – For the preamp I use, it was a brand in Japan that no longer makes them, if you are in Japan you can pick them up second hand for really cheap (they are really good for the money):…

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