In this video I look at whether the Wraith Spire is good for overclocking your Ryzen R7-1700 (it comes included!) and I also start testing out my b350m-a which is the cheapest b350 I could get in Australia (got it on sale for 20% off on ebay for around $100 AUD posted) and also the R7-1700 W/ Wraith Spire cooler included, which I picked up for around $400 AUD posted (incredible deals for AU….).
And since they recently came in and I have a build lined up for them I thought I would get into the first part of this barebones combo and see how it overclocks and performs, in particularly less than ideal conditions too (28-29c ambient environment)….

Well… the results were just SO DAMN IMPRESSIVE… for the money this is insanely good, the productivity as always is through the roof with Ryzen and the motherboard could surprisingly handle the overclocks at 3.85ghz quite well… Gaming also with a 1080ti… well that was really damn. Keep in mind I did chuck some cheap little heatsinks on the mosfets (be very careful if you do this) and put a fan on the VRM, though expect more of that when the build comes.

Here are some relevent links:

US Links:
B350M-A –
R7-1700 –

Aus Links:
B350M-A still decent price –
R7-1700 (no longer 20% off but cheaper list price) –

Heatsinks Used for motherboard:

Current Benchmark Rig Specs:

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