I have always had a lot of spam messages about people wanting to swap PS4s for PCs, and even iphones and other stuff that I don’t generally need, but when a few people recently started messaging me about swapping pc parts for other pc parts, my eyes started opening up and I started to negotiate good deals, which in this video I show how I swapped a z170 for a z97 / cooler and memory and also on another deal swapped an x99 board / 16gb ddr4 / water cooler and a 10 core broadwell e for a laptop/cpu/memory/ssd & cooler. Overall the Laptop was the biggest part of the deal since I could definitely use a good laptop for travels and also upgrade the memory on it from 8gb to 16gb ddr3. Though the CPU temps were quite high which I will have to take a look at and possibly replace the thermal paste (and or undervolt / underclock the CPU).

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