Here is February Vlog, sorry it’s late, but better late than never! Today the discussion heads into the upcoming build, a little bit of background behind it, and also making some calls for next months PC build, mainly a graphics card. Also Ryzen talk is thrown in as well, so let me know what tests you guys would like to see! And I try to fix my phone, emphasis being on the word try…. seriously phone’s nowadays are like BMW engines, have to take everything apart to the barebones level just to replace a frigging glass screen, and to top that off i got the wrong part…. Anyway til next time!

List of Parts in the Video:
RX 470 I purchased (Awesome Deal):
e5450 PreDrilled LGA775 Socketed CPU (better buy than x5460 currently):…
X5660 6c/12t for X58 Mobo:
X5675 (x58 mobo too, higher bin):
H55 Motherboards:
X3470 for H55:
X3440 for H55:
Ebay Huawei P9 Ascend Replacement Screen & Frame:

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