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February 2019's USED PC Parts Hunt (Ft. Ula - The MSI Rep)

It's a little early I know, but its THAT time of the month! where we go on patrol for those Deals, bargains and thrills to see what we can come up with! And I hope this month doesn't disappoint!

GTX 970 in 2019 - Can it Still Game at ULTRA 1080p...?!

The GTX 970 was undoubtedly an amazing graphics card at it's price point of $329 USD when it was released in 2014. Though it did have it's issues, or should I say 3.5/4 issue, it was still an amazing card for the money. Though fast forward to 2019 and this card can be had for really good prices on the used market. Though how does it perform in the latest titles at 1080p? What about the newest Apex Legends? Let's put it to the test...!

Are Dual X5690 XEONS Any Good in 2019....? Gaming on the EVGA SR2

It's time to Overclock The DUAL X58 Xeons (X5690s) and see how they perform with the GTX 980 Ti Strix with a water block attached to it in a variety of titles like DooM and even the latest Apex Legends.


Want to play Apex Legends with SMOOTH FPS at 1080p? Well if so the YES has you covered once again.

Radeon 7 - Explaining the inconsistencies (Plus Faulty Card...!?)

After waking up this morning and watching a heap of other reviews and seeing the comments... I knew some retesting had to be done, but as well as identifying another issue that I had with the card that (I was promised) would be fixed with the day one release driver (which it wasn't).

Radeon 7 Vs RTX 2070 & 2080 - Don't Buy ATM, Follow up Video to Come

This one is going to get a little interesting and a little full on. Today we compare the new 7nm Radeon 7 flagship graphics card from AMD and compare it to the RTX 2070 and 2080, with an overclock applied to the RTX 2070 and an overclock applied to the Radeon 7. Although the RTX 2080 does beat it, I will re-examine these two cards more closely in about a months time to figure things out further and let the dust settle.

Star Wars Gaming PC MONTAGE - Darth Jar Jar Awakens

Here is the #DarthJarJar Gaming PC, with a full custom modded theme to suit the rise of a the goofy and clumsy 'phantom menace'; to full blown Dark Sided Sith Lord. Hope you enjoy this one. Stay tuned for Parts 2 (Making of and behind the scenes) and 3 (Performance Review).


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Created To Perfection By Milun Kukalj

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